Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tricks with Geography

Mover Mike posted an article about quake activity near the Oregon coast along with a map of the area. Mike’s been showing the seismic activity in that area for quite some time now and I keep waiting for the “big one” to hit, the one where volcanoes erupt and half the state falls into the ocean.

This morning when I was up early getting ready for my Sunday meetings I happened to glance at Mike’s map of the Oregon coastline and something in my brain was momentarily confused, the puzzle piece supplied was trying to fit into a different map somewhere in the back of my head. It dawned on me that it vaguely resembled maps of the Holy Land in the back of my Bible.

I got home from my meetings and scanned one of the Holy Land maps; I hope the use of copyrighted material won’t get me thrown in the slammer. See for yourself; okay so it’s not an exact match, it might help if you do this while half asleep.

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